LLC "FTOROS" - is a company who engaged a leading position in the market of gambling business, working in the markets of Russia, CIS
and Europe. LLC "FTOROS" is one of the largest companies,
providing online games, quality and reliability which
attract many users from different parts of the world. Our company offers customers a wide range of games for online casinos, as well as for
gaming clubs and gaming terminals.
The company is constantly concerned to offer its users a constant renewal and innovation. We have managed to accumulate a unique experience in large, dynamic markets. In our company work young and energetic people among them, programmers, designers, architects games, support group, who are constantly concerned about creating a unique and quality product.
  Developers of the company created simple and intuitive combination of program elements together. Even a player that is not experienced
computer user can easily understand all the operations of an online casino. However, despite the apparent at first
view simplicity and brevity of the project, the software is equipped with a very
robust security funds and protection of personal
Number of users of the company is constantly growing, as we
offer them a time-tested software. LLC "FTOROS" - is a client-oriented company we are always on the side of the customer and offer solutions that best solve their problem, regardless of brand. Platform, created at the request of users, large selection of games and 24-hour technical support that gives our partners the opportunity to attract more
more users and create a stable business with us.
  LLC "FTOROS" offers a stable and proven game-integrated gaming platform for both clubs, as well as for online casinos, because we use the tried-and-proven technology. Our projects are implemented using the following platforms Java Platform and Microsoft .Net Framework and all adjacent to these technology platforms that solve the problem of fault tolerance and reliability.
For "FTOROS" stability is important service provided to its partners, regardless of their number. The company has a solid list of partners represented in the online casino and gaming clubs in which to successfully use our software and gaming platforms. For us it is important that the server infrastructure must be at a high level. To avoid common risks, "FTOROS" located its servers in the offshore zone, where we get 24/7 support  if nesseccary. Professionals of the highest level exclude completely the possibility of system failures. In addition, the system is assembled on the principle of «Disaster recovery» - implying the simultaneous use of multiple servers. If one of the hosts is temporarily unavailable, the system switches to another server so that the user does not notice the change. We offer you a stable and reliable system.