We present brand new product, slot game Argo. The game is dedicated to ancient legend about Greece sailors who reached Kolkhida searching for the Golden Fleece. The game has unique and interesting features: 4-level progressive jackpot and unique features: VIP status, Insurance and Bonus points make you feel like a real Argonaut. Travel to ancient Kolkhida to gain the Golden Fleece!

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             Real/Bonus balance.

When you play on real money, you also earn bonus points. Amount of bonus points depends on player`s wagers

and spin frequency. When you switch to play for bonus points all your winnings will be credited to your real money account. You can play on your bonus points any time, even when you don`t have real money on your balance.



Your losses are insured. When you run out of money, you`re credited a part of the money you lost. Your insurance indicator decreases

when you win and increases when you lose. Insurance amount rounds up to an integer. Insurance amount is credited automatically to

your real money balance when your real credits end. The insurance amount is annulled, if you leave the game before your balance reaches zero.

                                                  VIP status. Bronze, silver, gold and diamond. 

Play Argo every day and level up your status. Your status increases every 24 hours based on your gameplay. At the end of each week, 

you’re the wages are totaling and you obtain a certain status. If your total bets will be same on the next week, your status will remain the 

same. In case, if you play more the following week, your status will grow. If you play less, your status will decrease. Every status has 

relevant ratio. This ratio is considered in calculation of insurance and bonus points.