SlotSoft is a platform for your club. Software that manages to organize gambling business for clubs.


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Any gaming club has the ability to use the Slotsoft system , which is the most flexible and tailored to the interests of the user. Slotsoft simplified the process of adding a new game club, after which the user has individual access and ability to mannage the system. The administrator of the club, has the right to independently carry out the following processes:

1. Create a user (agent / room) unlimited number of times, if you do not lay a special limitation from the Slotsoft administrator side.

2. Assign a percentage or a flat fee for the agent.

3. View full financial statistics for the period of interest.

4. Installation of payment (if this function is not muted by the super user)

5. Block Hall

6. If the agent has several rooms, the administrator can unite the interests of these halls on the balance sheet

7. Operating the system from anywhere on the planet

8. Simply, an instant connection is requered to log in  the system

9. Our users have 24/7 support.

10. For the convenience of gameplay, the games are created so that are adaptable to any size of the screen.

11. The company represents more than 300 of the most popular slot games